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Clean Recycling Initiative

Clean Recycling Initiative is an open source program for everyone in the textile industry around the globe, who can contribute to a truly sustainable way of reclaiming and recycling textile waste. Under the programs currently in place, there are three different methods: In-Line Method (a.k.a., LEVEL 3), Pre-Consumption Method (a.k.a., LEVEL 2) and Post-Consumption Method (a.k.a., LEVEL 1). The In-Line Method is proposed to manufacturers for a specific type of intermediary material.  Pre-Consumption Method is designed for cut-and-sew factories in order to reclaim the clean left-over material from the processes.  The Post Consumption Method is designed to reclaim textile waste from households around the globe.  The main objectives of the Clean Recycling Initiative are to use clean processes which do not involve any chemical use, including toxic dyeing agents, cleaning chemicals, etc., nor creating microplastics contaminations from crushing / grinding processes, unnecessary carbon footprints, etc. The In-Line Method is proudly claimed to be the most sustainable technology platform in the global textile industry as it creates no negative environmental impact, not even a single trace of carbon footprint*.   

 * Specific ways of manufacturing setup in accordance with the standards established by the Clean Recycling Initiative is required.  Please contact for more details.