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Press Release

2023-02-07 CEO’s interview with Made in CA magazine

This is a good read not only for the professionals in the global textile industry but also everyone around the globe because it relates to the textile waste we all generate. 

External media link: Sae Chang: HEAT-MX Creating the Most Sustainable Technology Platform in the Global Textile Industry – Made in CA

2022-11-30 International Sustainability Marketing Competition Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

2022-11-29 Competition Winner Habibur Rahman Anik Featured in Local Pakistani Newspaper

To read the article in full, please refer to page 2 on this website.

2022-03-28  Sustainability Marketing Idea Competition 

2022-03-18 Sae Chang’s interview with DENIM FOCUS on the subject of CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE.  If you are in the textile industry, it is a “MUST-READ” for helping save the environment from textile waste around the globe.