Welcome to the Pinnacle of Sustainable Innovation and Marketing Brilliance

The International Sustainability Marketing Competition (ISMC), a hallmark event by the Clean Recycling Initiative™, stands as a beacon of excellence, inviting post-secondary students from across the globe to engage in a competition like no other. This annual case competition is more than just an event; it’s a movement towards integrating sustainability into the fabric of our future marketing leaders’ strategies.

Uniting Visionaries for Environmental Stewardship

The ISMC is not just a competition; it’s a global classroom where participants delve into the pressing environmental issues of our time, learn about the pitfalls of greenwashing, and emerge with a solid foundation in sustainable marketing strategies. Our mission is clear: to imbue the next generation of marketing professionals with a sustainability-first approach to their future endeavors.

Worldwide Engagement

The ISMC sees the assembly of diverse teams from over 70 countries, representing 350+ schools, industries, and cultures. This melting pot of ideas ensures a rich dialogue on sustainable solutions, making every iteration of the competition a hotbed for innovative thinking.

Tackling Actual Environmental Challenges

By focusing on real-world sustainability dilemmas, the Clean Recycling Initiative™ enriches participants’ understanding and prepares them to face the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow with knowledge and confidence.

Judgement by Experts

Our esteemed panel of judges, leaders in their respective fields, offer their insights, critiquing entries with an eye for creativity, practicality, and environmental impact. This feedback is more than just evaluation—it’s mentorship that shapes future careers.

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Networking Galore

The ISMC is a golden opportunity for participants to forge connections with peers, discover potential collaborators, and find mentors among the sustainability elite. The relationships built here span the globe and last a lifetime, fostering a community committed to environmental stewardship.

Awards for Innovation

Exceptional entries receive not only accolades but also cash prizes, celebrating the teams that brilliantly weave sustainability into their marketing narratives. These awards spotlight the innovators and pioneers of tomorrow, showcasing their contributions to a greener planet.

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Join Us in Fall 2024

The journey towards a sustainable future is ongoing, and the International Sustainability Marketing Competition is your gateway to making a tangible impact. Stay tuned for the unveiling of ISMC 2024 details, and be part of the change you wish to see in the world of marketing and beyond.

Embrace this unique opportunity to stand at the forefront of sustainable innovation and marketing excellence with the Clean Recycling Initiative™. Together, let’s shape a future where sustainability is not just an option, but the foundation of all our marketing endeavors.

Sae Chang

will be speaking at the Customer Experience Strategies Summit

 Organized by Strategy Institute with a large audience consisting of executives of such large corporations as Google, Marriott International, etc., as well as many influencers of our global communities.

Sae will talk about misinformation crisis on sustainability and ESG, and the importance of establishing necessary expertise in sustainability efforts. Sae will also promote the 

"Be a Green Hero" campaign

 our organization has recently launched.

Please join us in supporting Sae on this important journey.