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Congratulations to the winners of the Marketing Competition!

1st place of the marketing competition run by HEAT-MX
2nd place of the marketing competition run by HEAT-MX
3rd place of the marketing competition run by HEAT-MX
Organized by Clean Recycling Initiative and sponsored by HEAT-MX.

Sustainability & Marketing Competition


Open to students internationally, enrolled in university programs in the Fall/Winter 2022/2023. List of the participating universities to be announced by August 30, 2022.

Prizes (CAD)

1st: $3,500

2nd: $2,000

3rd: $1,000

Segment 1:

Educate the public on the issues created by textile wastes, in particular, where wastes end up even when they are put in local blue bins, Salvation Army etc. with the assumption that they are recycled / reused. Target audience: Everyone around the globe, i.e. consumers of textile goods and creators of textile waste.

Segment 2:

Promote the technologies of Clean Recycling Initiative within the global textile industry for cleanly recycling process-wastes from textile factories. Target audience: Brands, Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors and Transporters of any textile goods.


Sept. 2nd, 2022: Competition kick-off and regional information sessions (expressed in Coordinated Universal Time, UTC)

Asia & Australia – 2:00 am UTC

Europe & Africa – 2:00 pm UTC

North & South America – 6:00 pm UTC

Oct. 7th, 2022: Submissions deadline

Oct. 10th – Oct. 18th, 2022: Judging Period

Oct. 22nd, 2022: Award ceremony

* Details presented on this page are subject to change depending on unforeseen events from both McGill University and CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIE organization.  In case of any and all changes, this page will be updated at the earliest possible occasion.  

Meet our judges

Shaiful Islam

President of Judges
R&D Product Design Specialist at Superior Glove

Sarah Cook

Product Manager at Kamik

An Pham, Founder of Boida
An Pham

Founder and Designer of Boïda Outerwear

David Ng

Import Manager at Tai Lung Canada Ltd.

Sae Chang

Founder & CEO of Heat-MX and Clean Recycling Initiative