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Open to students currently enrolled in post-secondary programs around the world and recent graduates (Spring 2022 earliest).  Includes post-graduate, doctoral students and graduates.  The subject of the competition relates to everyone on earth consuming textile goods and generating waste from it. Therefore, students from all studies are welcome to join!  


Create a marketing campaign idea that will educate the general public on the environmental problems existing within the textile industry and the innovative solutions offered by Clean Recycling Initiative™.

Required Elements

– A slide show laying out your ideas (Powerpoint, Google slide, Keynote, etc.)

– Video / audio presenting your ideas (MP3, MP4, etc.)

– Creative, fun campaign slogan

– Mock up social media post(s) in .png format


Media Choice


2nd Place


1st Place


3rd Place


Public Choice

*all prices are in CAD

September 24th
Early Registration Deadline
September 25th ~ 29th
Information session 1*

((On-line, Same contents as the Information session - 2 to be provided)

October 15th
Late Registration Deadline
October 16th ~ 20th
Information Session 2*

(On-line, Same contents as the Information session - 1 to be provided)

November 6th
Submission due
To be determined
Winners announced

Information Session Schedules – Round 1

Please find the corresponding times in your city / country and attend any one of the Information Sessions offered.  If you cannot attend any of the times offered below, please note that there will be another round of the Information Sessions offered between October 16 ~ October 20, 2023.  Please note that it is mandatory to attend at least one Information Session to be able to submit the ideas for the competition. 

* Information sessions provide critical information about greenwashing practices in the industry under the name of sustainability and how to recognise them. In addition, the sessions provide valuable information about what we must do to address the environmental crisis from textile goods and waste we all create. From these information sessions, the participants will learn more about the truly sustainable technology platform, Clean Recycling Initiative and compete with a large number of students from all four corners of the world for the coveted recognitions as the winners of 2023 International Sustainability Marketing Competition! All information sessions will contain same educational contents. Attending at least one information session is a mandatory requirements to participate in the competition.

Questions? Contact

*Details presented on this page are subject to change.  In case of any and all changes, this page will be updated at the earliest possible occasion. 


Some of the winners of 2022 ISMC have graciously accepted mentor’s role for the finalists of the 2023 ISMC.  Here are the mentors who will share their experiences and strategies which helped them earn their prizes last year and executions of their ideas thereafter.  It will be invaluable for the finalists of this year’s competition to work with the mentors. Thank you, the mentors!  

Habibur Rahman Anik

Dhaka, Bangladesh

1st place winner of the 2022 International Sustainability Marketing Competition from Bangladesh University of Textiles

Isabella Frymoyer

Washington D.C., USA

2nd place winner of the 2022 International Sustainability Marketing Competition from McGill University

Siobhan Mehrotra

Toronto, Canada

2nd place winner of the 2022 International Sustainability Marketing Competition from McGill University

Sebastian Appram

Accra, Ghana

3rd place winner of the 2022 International Sustainability Competition from University of Cape Coast

Emmanuel Ndemele

Cape Coast, Ghana

3rd place winner of the 2022 International Sustainability Marketing Competition from University of Cape Coast


The main judging panel for the 2023 ISMC is made up of a variety of professionals from different fields who all share a passion for sustainability. These esteemed judges have dedicated their time to support the ISMC and decide on three teams of students to win the grand prizes.

Kevin Nilsen, President of Judges

Calgary, Canada

President & CEO of ECO Canada



Roberta Boscolo

Geneva, Switzerland

Lead Climate & Energy at World Meteorological Organization


Sasa Spasic

Zagreb, Croatia

Innovation Strategist at Granny & Smith


Dre. Elizabeth Mueni Kimulu

Nairobi, Kenya

Publlic Policy & Sustainable Development Specialist


Sarah-Mae Amde

Calgary, Canada

CEO & Managing Director of Paragon Digital Consulting

Philip Pande

Nairobi, Kenya

Youth Inclusion & Innovation Advisor


Ahmed Bukhari

Sialkot, Pakistan

Sustainability Lead, Libermann International


Marieke Van Ree

Barcelona, Spain

Sustainable Fashion Consultant


Amb (Dr) Sanmi Olowosile

Lagos, Nigeria

Chairman of the board, Sustainable Green Environment Initiative

Sae Chang

Montreal, Canada

President of Clean Recycling Initiative & HEAT-MX


meet our media choice award judges FOR INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY MARKETING COMPETITION (isMc) - 2023

The panel of media judges is made up of professionals from the media sector who possess important knowledge about how to communicate to a large audience effectively. With this background knowledge, these judges will select an individual / team who communicates the most effectively in their eyes to receive the Media Choice Award.


Olivia Pinnock

London, UK

Journalist, Lecturer & Sustainability Advisor

Top 50 Fashion Influencers of 2022 by 3DLOOK

Lindsay Christinee

Philadelphia, USA

Founder & Creative Director, The Wellness Feed

Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson

Malmö, Sweden

Program host, Moderator, Key note speaker, Journalist, Author

meet our ambassadors for

The ambassadors for the 2023 ISMC play a symbolic role in representing what a future in sustainability could look like for participating students. These individuals have found success a various sectors and stand as incredible role models for students with a passion for sustainability.

Abdul Wahab Osman

Tamale, Ghana

Mathematician, Social Developer & a writer on Hive Bolckchain

Faatiha Aayat

New York, USA

11 Years-Old UN, Harvard & TEDx Speaker, Child Rights Activist & Climate Campaigner


Olivia Donahue

Montreal, Canada

Designer and Owner of Avenir Vert

Alexandra Lesya Moore

Toronto, Canada

CEO & Lead Strategist of Coach House Marketing

Md Sadruzzaman Rashel

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Managing Director, Circular Fashion Industries (Sustainable Garment Manufacturer)

Chiamaka Salome Ochade

Benin city, Nigeria

WASH Specialist

Mercedes N.Y.E. Rowe Asamani

Accra, Ghana

Climate Change Policy Specialist & Founder of the Ghana Institute for Development

Pranta Biswas

Moenchengladbach, Germany

Fashion Sustainability Enthusiast

Samira Assabey Musah

Tamale, Ghana

Climate Action Advocate & Executive Director of GEM Ghana

Hiba Belghazi

Montreal, Canada

Sustainable Fashion Specialist

Anya Bégué

Washington D.C. USA

Executive Producer of Eutopya

Mahmoud Khairy

Ottawa, Ontario

Economist, Advisor, International Consultant

Yvan Djouokep

Yaounde, Cameroon

Environment / WASH Specialist

Dr. Devant Maharaj

Calgary, Canada

Lead Ambassador

Director, Professional Services of ECO Canada

Dr Puran Bridgemohan

Trinidad and Tobago

Lead Ambassador


Ali Anwar

Sialkot, Pakistan

Lead Ambassador

Director Compliance, Libermann International

Jomilin John

New Delhi, India

Founder CANIOP Youth Organisation